Time doesn’t heal

Why do so many people think that time is the
miracle maker?

It is because after time goes by we do feel
better.  Did I just contradict myself? Haha 🙂

No, time makes us feel better, but we have simply
masked the original problems, not resolved them.

Ever have a day where you’re feeling not-so-bad –
then you hear a song that reminds you of your
ex? This trigger can cause a break down.  We fall
into these fits of pain when the root of the problem
remains within us.  Time can push trauma deep inside
to hide from our conscious mind; unfortunately,
nothing hides from the subconscious.

If you do nothing at this point, but allow time
to pass, you may be listening to a song months
or years from now and have the same reaction.

If you are suffering from true heartbreak, the
only real way to heal is to walk straight through
your pain and release it.


And ask yourself…  what are my choices ahead?
You probably recognize at his juncture there is a
fork in the road ahead of you.

One path is to let time pass by and see how you feel, one path
is to make a choice to fight this pain and heal.





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